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What power sockets are used in Rwanda?

What power sockets are used in Rwanda?

In Rwanda, the power sockets used are Type C and Type J.

Type C sockets are the standard Europlug sockets, which have two round pins and are commonly used in many European countries. Type J sockets, on the other hand, have three round pins in a triangular pattern and are predominantly used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but they can also be found in Rwanda.

If you’re traveling to Rwanda from a country that uses a different type of socket, such as Type A or Type G, you will need a travel adapter to plug in your electronic devices. Travel adapters allow you to connect your devices to the local power outlets by converting the shape and/or voltage of the plug. It’s important to check the voltage compatibility of your devices as well, as Rwanda operates on a 220-volt supply at 50 Hz.

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